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Verstraete Graphics specialist in printed cardboard ice cream lids for cones jars cups

ice cream lids

ice cream lids with a tab

ice cream lids without a PE layer

pastry boxes

packaging for the food industry

commer­cial printing

Your partner in
cardboard ice cream lids
for the ice cream industry

Cardboard lids for cones, jars and cups

Ice cream is made and tasted with love all over the world. Moreover, a lot of care is given to its production and packaging. For cones, jars and cups the lids play an important role. With this we can help you. After all, Verstraete Graphics is one of the leading producers of cardboard lids for the European ice cream industry. We produce everything in-house and are also your one-stop shop for cardboard packaging.

Ice cream lids produced with care

From our production location in Diksmuide (Belgium) we deliver to the main European ice cream manufacturers and producers of ice cream cones. Quality, food safety, innovation, environmental awareness, sustainable profit growth and optimization of the delivery chain are hot items in our cool business.

Ice cream lids in many versions

Our range is extensive and covers all needs of the sector in the field of printed and non-printed round cardboard lids for ice cream in cones, jars and cups; ice cream lids with or without tabs, ice cream lids with or without PE barrier and plastic-free.
A lid fits to every ice cone or jar… of Verstraete Graphics.

Certified and safe ice cream lids

For us, food safety comes first. If you also value this, please know that all our packaging, both raw materials and processing and production processes, meet the highest international standards.

Verstraete Graphics has the following reassuring certificates:

Cool innovation!

new and exclusive

ice cream lids without a
PE layer

plastic-free with eco barrier

Innovation is central for us. For this reason, we continuously invest in new technologies, machines and automation of processes. This way, we score optimally as to food safety and recyclability with our innovative plastic-free ice cream lids; without a PE layer but with a barrier incorporated in the pulp of the cardboard itself. With this eco barrier ice cream lids you emphasize your own image as a responsible human and environment-friendly company. In the field of plastic-free ice cream lids with an eco barrier, Verstraete Graphics is among the leaders in the industry. We do not wait for stricter regulations to arrive, we keep ahead of them! This way, we actively contribute to a better circular world.

ice cream lids

Ice cream lids for every taste

With our modern printing presses we can respond to everyone’s creative taste and trend. This way, we can make cardboard ice cream lids for you that fit perfectly within the branding and house style of your product and your company. With the right accents, colours and images that the end users of your ice cream can hardly resist.